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Admission Form

Our admission Form
استمارة تقديم

Child's Information
Date of Birth
اللغة الأولي
اللغة الثانية
السنة الدراسية الأخيرة
اسم المدرسة المحول منها
السنة الدراسية المطلوبة للالتحاق
بلد المدرسة السابقة
( هل لديك أخوات / أخوه (بالمدرسة ؟

Father's Information
اسم الاب
الرقم القومى
رقم العمل
البريد الالكترونى
الفيس بوك
رقم الموبيل
رقم الواتس

Mother's Information
اسم الام
الرقم القومى
مؤهل الأم
عمل الام
عنوان العمل
تليفون العمل
البريد الالكترونى
الفيس بوك
رقم الموبيل
رقم الواتس اب

Emergency Information
القرابة بالنسبة للطفل
رقم الموبيل
الرقم القومى

ADMISSION This signed application form does not oblige the school to accept your child, however, once you have been notified of your child’s placement decision, the Registration,and relevanttermfeeshave been paid a contract is deemed to existbetweenthe school and theparent/guardians, providedthatthe conditions outlined in the school prospectus and the school regulations are observed. The schoolreservestherightto placeyourchildin the Yearleveldeemed to be the most appropriate, withinthebounds of the Egyptian Ministry of Education guidelines. SCHOOL FEES 1. The non-refundable Application Fee of EGY250 is required to process your child’s application. 2. For newandcontinuingstudents a non-refundable registration fee will becharged. The school will advise of the amount and due date. 3. In orderto registeryourchildin thenewacademicyear,youarerequiredto paythebalanceof thefirsttermfees at least onemonth before the beginning of the school year as well as post-dated chequesfor each subsequent term. 4. A student may not start the academic year unless the first term fees have been paid in full. 5. The school reserves the right to with hold the term report untilfees have been paid in full. 6. The school reserves therightto withholdthefinal resultsand abstainfromissuing transfer certificates until settlement of all school fees is made. 7. Re-registration will not be accepted unless all fees due have been paid in full. TUITION REFUND POLICY Notice of student withdrawal and application for a tuition refund at the request of the parent/guardian must be made in writing to the school Headmaster. The school tuition refund policies are outlined below. I. Existing student withdrawal prior to the start of the academic year If the student has not attended any classes, the balance of the first term fee paid is refunded minus any registration fee made for placing the student on theschool’sofficialclasslist. This refund is subject to approval by the Headmaster and in compliance with the Ministry of Education conventions. II. New student withdrawal prior to start of the academic year If you are a new student to SLSand have not attended any classes, but have paid the full term 1 fees,SLSwill refund the fees minus the deposit paid as outlined in the offer letter. III. Student withdrawal during the schoolyear Fees will be charged for one full month if a student attends school for two weeks or less. Fees will be charged for two full months if a student attends school for more than two weeks and less than one month. Fees will be charged for the entire school term if a student attends school for more than one month. Kindly note that school fees are possibly subject to change in accordance with Sun Language Schools policies. INDEMNITY I agree to my child participating in any educational activities arranged by the school. This includes any field trips out of Egypt. In the event of injury to my child or damage to the property of my child while he or she is participating in such activities, or while on the schoolpremises or beingtransported to or from theschool, I will not hold the school or any member of the school staff responsible. The school undertakes, in the event of an emergency, to make every effort to contact the parents. If this is not possible the child will be taken either to his/her family doctor, or to a suitable hospital for treatment. PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOGRAPHY I give permission for myself and my child/ren to be used in school publications, marketing material and in social media. If you wish to opt out please contact the school directly on: marketing@sun-schools.com DECLARATION I, parent/guardian of hereby certifythat I have read the above policies and agree to abide by them. I declare that all the information provided in the application form is true, correct and complete and has been offered freely. I also confirm that if information is found to be incorrect the school reserves the right to withdraw any offer of a place, even after a child has commenced the school. I agree to support the School Behaviour Policy, Code of Conduct, Uniform Rules and any sanctions that may be deemed appropriate concerning my child/ren. Furthermore, I hereby authorisethe transfer of this information to the school’selectronicdatabase. Name Signature Date Please return the completed form, plus the Application fee of EGY 250 to the school along with the required documents. Kindly make cheques payable to Sun Language Schools. Dear parents of Sun Language Schools' candidates/ please note that admission fees must be pre-paid through a bank account 145/1/4118 (bank misr) or Vodafone cash 01002560602 , before the online admission. *Receipts must be sent through WhatsApp on 01129603016 * Fees for online admission & interview 2000 L.E